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The website E-HORECA/eshop  includes the online store, which is the online presence of the business under the name "FMD TECHNOTEL GROUP S.A" and the distinctive title         << TECHNOTEL S.A >> (VAT 094398321 Tax FAE of Athens). The company is headquartered in Athens.

Our company's ««eshop»»puts daily effort endeavor to possible substantial customer service. With the creation of the particular e-shop signaled the start of an advanced form of communication of the company with our customers. The e-shop that was created addresses to all internet users who want immediate notification of products offered by our company combined with the ability to purchase through the e-shop, online ordering, always subject the adequacy of the company's stocks.

Our company's «« eshop »» aims at the immediate service and customer's satisfaction with the continuous responsibility exhibited throughout the course of its business development and cultivation trust.

These terms are fully compliant with the current European and Greek law while users recognize the right of the company to change provisions of these terms, since it does not relate to binding legal obligations and without affecting finished situations.

The user of the site acknowledges that he has read the present terms, agrees with them and undertakes the obligation of compliance.

We are obliged the customer will always be informed secure.



"All payments made by using credit card are processed through the electronic payment platform" ATTICA e-Commerce "of ATTICA Bank and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its receiver, who will be able to decode it by using the appropriate key. "

Refunds Policy

The return of the product is free from all around Greece since it is done within 15 days of the delivery date.

  1. Change because of fault of the product or wrong design. Through the shipping of each order, the company checks the products for any fault pieces or parts of them. In case that happens to receive a fault product or the product is not the one that you have ordered, you have the right to replace it, for free.  
  2. We woulf ask you, for the returns, to use the company General Postal and not someone else that may like, because in that case you will be charged the shipping costs. Send the package from the General Postal and ask to be done by charge at E-HORECA.EU and at the address that is written below.
  3. You may also call General Postal and ask them to come and deliver the package from your space, without any further charge. The phone number of General Postal is 210 6543859 while adjunct informations will find at

Necessary condition for the product return is:

α) not to be used

β) not having internal and external damages

γ) to be in its initial package

δ) to has the receipt or the invoice

 For any question compared to the returns contact us at 210 6543859 or through e-mail at for avoiding mistakes.

Return Address



TELEPHONE : 210 6543859